Evan and Kelsey | Engagement Story

We are so excited to share the engagement story of two awesome love birds- Evan and Kelsey! Where does their story begin? Well, where most love stories start at ACC schools- a frat party! Evan and Kelsey went to Clemson (Go Tigers!) and immediately hit it off. They began to hang out more and more until Evan graduated in 2010 and moved to Charleston. Kelsey was a year behind so after she graduated the following year, she moved to Washington, DC to pursue her nursing career. She then moved to Charleston about a year later to be with Evan.  The two then moved to Daniel Island into an apartment together, and it was smooth sailing from there. The day of the engagement Evan and Kelsey went to the Charleston Tea Plantation and to a tasting at the Firefly distillery. After that, Evan suggested that they stop by the Angel Oak, because neither of them had been there yet. As they got there, Evan took Kelsey to the back of the tree where there weren’t a lot of people, and got down on one knee- Eek! Neither of them really remember what was said because they were so excited, but all that matters was that she said yes! But that’s not all- Evan had some more surprises in store. They went home and he told Kelsey to pack a bag because they were going to the Charleston Place to have a couples massage and dinner! So cute! We wish Evan and Kelsey all the happiness in the world… Cheers!

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